Christopher Columbus landed on this authentic island of San Salvador, with its long white sand beaches and turquoise Caribbean waters, more than 500 years ago…

Gilbert Trigano

It’s the same island that the visionary Club Med founder, Gilbert Trigano re-discovered in the 80’s and selected, from among many others, to establish one of the most beautiful vacation resorts in the Caribbean.


Club Med has developed, along with local residents, a colonial architectural style that respects the location’s natural beauty. Club Med then re-baptized the island of San Salvador “Columbus Isle”…

Gilbert Trigano’s daughter-in-law  made a home in this enchanting place, with its generous, genuine people - and brought back artworks collected from her world travels, works that Club Med has carefully preserved on the site ...

Today, nearly 25 years after Club Med’s arrival, Columbus Isle remains a precious gem of the Bahamas, treasured by many international personalities from cinema, sports, politics and culture. They keep coming for the peace, privacy and authenticity they find at Columbus Isle. 

This fall, the Club Med Resort at Columbus Isle will be undergoing ambitious renovations that future owners like you can discover, when the resort reopens this coming November.


Getting to Club Med Columbus Isle is possible from the San Salvador airport with daily flights from Nassau, and direct weekly flights from Montreal, Fort Lauderdale/Miami and Paris, with reservations through Club Med.