The Columbus Isle Resort expansion will occur in two phases of 60 Deluxe Residences each, all available to purchase as fully-owned properties. These Deluxe Residences will be located in three-story buildings with meticulously designed architecture that respects the location’s natural beauty and faithfully reflects Bahaman culture - making your stay there a real change of scenery. Buildings have been laid out - and residence interiors designed - so that a beach view and the ocean’s turquoise waters are the featured highlights of your decor – wherever in your home you may be…

Your Residence’s interior décor elegantly combines contemporary design and Bahaman traditions. Our team has used natural materials such as wood or shell to recreate the warm atmosphere of the islands. To intensify the fresh, pure effect of exterior light, white has naturally emerged as the dominant color in the Residences.


Our Deluxe Residences offer generous living spaces to enjoy quality time as a couple or a family. You’ll be especially delighted by the balcony-patios, where you can soak in the gorgeous Bahamas climate in comfort and privacy.

Columbus Isle Residences are delivered furnished and tastefully decorated. Materials and amenities selected are of excellent quality, ensuring your home’s maximum longevity.

Own a piece of paradise and feel at home, at Club Med…




  • Each Residence has a private 16-square meter balcony-terrace with outdoor furniture.
  • Each Residence is decorated and meticulously furnished to offer the perfect balance between style and comfort.


  • Each Residence features a living-room/den with modular fold-out beds that can sleep two children.
  • Each Residence features a spacious and functional bathroom and a second smaller bathroom.


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